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3 ½ Ton Professional Heavy Duty Jack

10 Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Long Chassis Jack
Available up to 20 tons

2200 lb Capacity Telescopic Transmission Jack

4000 lb Capacity Under-Hoist Stand

Waste Oil Drain with Pressurized Evacuation

5 Gallon Portable Oil Drain

Parts Washer

Cleans parts automatically with soap & water!

It"s like a dishwasher for your parts!

  • Operator loads parts, sets the wash cycle timer, and returns to income producing task.
  • As the turntable rotates at 3 rpm’s, parts are blasted from all angles with hot soap and water solution at a rate of 30-60 gpm.
  • Spray nozzles are located above, below and on the sides of the turntable.
  • After the solution hits the parts, it is filtered and recycled.
  • The force of the spray jets, the heat and the detergent combine to strip oil, grease, carbon, etc… in 1-15 minutes.
  • The operator unloads the clean parts which flash dry in seconds.

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